I feel like we’ve done this before, It’s a big deal, wow this place is high security guys. I’m going to set right now for my movie The Thinning the second one, my uber driver is being a little pissy this morning. I’m not pissy at all. Im just saying you’re cussing, you sound mad. Oh, you are cussing, you’re cussing! See, this is a big facility guys like a factory thing. I think they make beer here Lydia. Do they make beer here? You’re still cussing! man, you’re the worst uber driver i ever had, I’m gonna give you one star. good thing I’m not an uber driver What? i’m leaving, i’m leaving! i thought this was uber! We have to wear safety vests is that what’s uh? I don’t, I don’t feel safe.

Without your vest? nope. understandable. wait what? uber driver’s with us! Brendan. i hate you guys. yo everyone’s gonna look so stylish with these vests hahahaha wow you guys got the thinning merge the only other merch, I will wear besides maverick merch cause this is the hottest merch in the game Which reminds me guys if you have not yet gotten your maverick March Just just look at me real quick look at the shirt And then look at the joggers and then ask yourself why have I not gotten my merch, it’s the hottest merch in the game seriously the softest most comfortable clothing you’ll ever wear And it’s the movement bros to join it, loganpaul.com/shop, or link in description.

Yeah, I don’t want to be on the vlog Are you ready one two under the cool hat no yo wait does Lydia have to wear one. Yes, lydia has to wear one yeah i love these vlogs! subscribe right now because we wear stupid hats and make movies baby let’s go! such a good way to start the day if you Guys haven’t watched the first thinning ,you should it’s on YouTube red. You kind of have to right now yeah, bro It’s tough for your boy to become an actor baby Oscars here i come If that wasn’t an oscar-worthy performance bro, my name isn’t Jake Paul Really loud.

Hey Brandon, how are you? I’m great. Hi It’s funny because in the movie like we’re actually not gonna be able to use any of the audio in here all of its going To be ADR A…D…R additional dialogue recording hey the more you know about movies Logan. I’m going to bring Hollywood for you Yeah, this set has some weird stuff look look duck under and like what? Yo, so funny check it out. Here’s one. Oh check out that STD broom. You can definitely See the STD brendan look thats f**king gross got any STDs brendan? i can get rid of them brendan! Cleaning you up just see in tomorrow’s vlog like and subscribe The STD broom? I’m a good co-star I’m gonna make sure none of the extras have STDs he wearing kong the savage shirt I got to say this extra got merch; goes bam, kong the savage ohhh its ANDDDDAAYY yo he came with the tent on top? Oh my god my big day So good you know who might need some? Life-changing yeah, just take a bite *cheering* You know earlier I made sure all the extras were clean from STDs Oh taking care of me, No so now let’s feed them At what point do we get the STDs back *andy feeding logan cheese* mmm yummy cheese this is so stupid to do on set; im a professional We want to see I think so, bro.

We gotta go quick Well, I’m fine. I’m fine Jenna. I’m fine guys. I know I’m on your set I know I gotta make a movie angry producer. Sorry. It’s our job You’re the nicest angry producer. I’ve ever seen my boy got that pink merch doe Loganpaul.com/shop lets go *dabs* Yo, you got lucky bro these sold out quick my man’s gonna do first Come on into my Set Andy wow wow wow you need one of these You’re pregnant I’m not right now. No more to recount is gonna count a video. I saw her saying yes guys are pregnant Lydia, I’m trying to help you you’ve got no STDs anymore. Don’t be upset you could be doing baby commercials You could be the baby in the commercial Turn to think bringing Andy to set wasn’t the best idea My producers paid me I guarantee we should’ve never hired a *squeak* vlogger whoa Different scene, but guess what guys we wrapped for the day Clearly I’ve gotten kicked out of me, you don’t look so hot yeah, Brendon. You’re ugly alright guys.

It’s time to go home Hey, we’re home. I gotta say. I like Andy’s parking job That is indeed my boy why is a so dam quiet I know you have pedal extensions on your car get rid of them new, Melanie Look at what are you making? were making andy’s special burgers right now its about to go down Everybody else is gonna eat that Yo, because I’m a good vlogger You know it’s dark right now And we’re not doing this machine justice so let’s cut to a morning montage of driving mini Yeti next to big yet So Andy’s making dinner and then over here we got What have you been brewing bro, I haven’t even told the logang like they kind of know but not really well We haven’t slept for two days because Logan said that he needed a merch store sleep sleep when I die I’ll sleep when I die.

Yeah for sure and so we made a merch store while you were gone shooting a movie Do you guys remember when our money ran through the wall? And it was because we are going to create the greatest merch store alive for the greatest merch on the planet That’s right maverick merch the hottest off his merch in the game You can only get on loganpaul.com/shop many have joined the Maverick movement some people have died No one no one’s died no is that so they made a merch store My mom’s in here that’s gonna be crazy It’s a big deal Oh My god.

I felt like you needed to have that like super exclusive Yo, this is so *squeak* lit So good how did you get this done? Yo they got here last night this has been less than 24 hours Yeah, yo and Logan’s like open I just like you guys He’s like yo, I’m gonna make it today. I’m like. What do you mean today brother? Let’s took one day? How did you? That’s unbelievable in one day give me liberty or give me…merch i’ll take the merch No, no joke guys, this is the outfit I wore my Christmas diss track music video, honey. I have no idea How you did this in 24 hours bro, but we ain’t done yet? Mood right easy, I got the red sock. I need to do the red drops Thank you Thank you. I was like you have exceeded expectations. I think that’s one of the most important values I’ve learned from 2017 done it bro. You’ve exceeded my expectations my man It’s beautiful this is so good. I’m so happy right now.

Alright logang that is the vlog Not a part of the logang like I said a million times today subscribe if you have not gotten your maverick merch it do that guys the quality of our stuff even the way we Portray and represent the brand just like this is the highest level It doesn’t get any cooler than this cool doing it, bro. The answer is nobody baby, LoganPaul.Com/Shop or link description I’m so out here. So thanks to my mama everything bro the favorite hoodies the red drop the chrome hoodie the pink I’m done Logang. I love y’all I will see you tomorrow Besides the fact that this is a beer factory you could get hammered in here ha ha ha

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