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4 Life Hacks that Will Ruin Your Life

– [Narrator] Looking for some useful life-hacks? Well, you’re in the wrong place, because right now we’re gonna talk about some of the popular life-hack advice that are not only useless, but possibly harmful. More like life-wacks, am I right? Anyway. Oh no, it’s the day before your wedding, school picture day, or murder trial, and you have a huge zit on your forehead. Don’t panic. Just stick a big glob of toothpaste on that sucker and in the morning you’ll be as flat as Kansas. Weirdly enough, toothpaste is meant for your teeth, not your skin. Dermatologists say toothpaste can cause irritation, redness, and lasting marks.

Sadly, there’s no foolproof zit-busting remedy. Be gentle with your skin. Harsh scrubbing and over-treating can make things worse. Using an over-the-counter acne spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid and washing your face with a gentle cleanser is your best bet. And if you have painful, persistent acne, visit a dermatologist. They didn’t earn a degree poking at pustules for nothing. – So you’re at the beach when a jellyfish gives you a big stinging welt. You may be pissed off, but this hack says you should be pissed on. According to the hack, urine neutralizes the jellyfish sting. Turns out, 14-year-old boys are not medical experts. Peeing on a jellyfish sting will not be soothing. Your welt will hurt just as much, except now you’re covered in pee.

Jellyfish stings consist of a neurotoxic venom that is not deactivated by urine. Also, don’t scrape at the wound. This causes a greater release of venom. Poor some vinegar on the sting instead. It’s not as gross as urine, and it will actually have an effect. Vinegar blocks nematosis, the venom secreting capsules a jellyfish deploys with its tentacles. So if you’re full of piss and vinegar and ready to fight some jellyfish, maybe skip the piss part. You’re in your bathroom when you hear a loud plop. It’s not the sound of your bowels properly functioning, but your phone dropping into the toilet.

Now that your phone is soaked hopefully with just water, what do you do? A common life-hack suggests you drop it in a bowl of dry rice. The rice, like a bunch of tiny sponges, will soak the toilet water right out of your phone. It’s unlikely the rice is actually doing anything. Phone recycling company and tech blog Gazelle.com conducted an informal experiment, water logging a bunch of phones and sticking them in rice. The rice was found to be one of the worst remedies. It even lost to kitty litter. The rice remedy only appears to work because it prevents people from turning on their phones after getting it soaked.

Waiting for the moisture in your phone to evaporate before powering it on prevents the delicate parts from short circuiting. The best way to resuscitate a drowned phone is to immediately turn it off, dry it as much as possible, and leave it under a lamp or fan to encourage evaporation. Resist the urge to turn it back on for at least 24 hours. If you get anxious while waiting, distract yourself by playing on your ph… oh, wait, crap. Ear candling is a technique of lighting a hollow candle and placing the unlit end in the ear. Practitioners claim this causes a pressure vacuum that sucks up all the toxins in the ear canal.

It’s hailed as a cure for swimmer’s ear, tinnitus, ear pain, dizziness, and more. Medical experts and the FDA warn that ear candling has no health benefit and can be dangerous. Burning hot wax and the delicate inner workings of the ear apparently do not mix. Also, the gunk practitioners find inside the candle is not ear wax or toxins, but has instead been found to be residue from the candle itself. For the most part, you should avoid sticking anything in your ear, even cotton swabs. If you want to clean your ears, you can use some gentle baby oil or ear wax removal drops. So the next time someone tells you to stick a burning candle in your ear, say, sorry, I can’t hear you. I ruined my eardrums with hot wax after listening to dumb advice..

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