Will Smith Watched His Sons Jump Out of an Airplane

Where did you do– because I saw you did bungee jumping and sky diving. Bungee jumping and sky diving. Where did you do those? So we– in Victoria Falls. And I saw– yeah, yeah, that was it. I look a lot more confident than I was feeling. Yeah you look very confident. [AUDIENCE WHOA] Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Yeah. Yeah. That just made– that just– that just me my booty jiggle a little bit just– Just watching it? Just watching that, yeah. I’m like, oh, oh, ho. And that was your first time? That was my first time. So that was bucket list thing too? That was a buc– so that’s Victoria Falls. I saw an episode of a TV show. You remember The Great Race? Like there was a show, it was like 15 years ago or something like that.

And I saw these people bungee jump Victoria Falls. And I was, like, oh, man. I want to do that. So I went– you know, I went to Egypt. I went to Tanzania. I did a hot air balloon in Tanzania. And then into Victoria Falls and then coming back home into Dubai and went sky diving in Dubai. And had you done that before? I sky– sky doven– sky divvin? Yeah. What is it? What is it, sky doved? Skoodived. Skoodived. Yeah. So– Yeah. So I have skoodived. I skoodived. Mm-hm. How many times had you skoodived? I skoodived two times. So one– I skoodived and then it was such a spectacular fear confront, right? So I flew home. And in probably what was the individual worst case of African-American parenting in history, I had my son skydive. Right? But it’s really scary, right? It seemed like a great idea.

Take my boys and we’re going to sky dive, right? And I’m there. And I watched my son fall out of an airplane. I was, like, oh. It was– [SLOW CLAPPING] Did he like it? He loved it. He loved it. So Jaden and then Trey went. So both my sons went. And I told the guy, I was, like, listen, I want to see them go out the plane. But I also want to see them land, right? And he was, like, well, that’s a little bit against physics. But we’ll work it out. So what we did is they went. And then we went and we did a straight line. And he had us just go. And we went straight down. And we went past them, landed. Oh my God. And then I watched them land. Yeah. You were– you were aware enough to wa– after that? I mean I cannot– Oh, no, no, he woke me up at the bottom. He woke me up. Yeah, I see. Yeah. There’s a wax figure of you that is so like precise. Have you even seen it? No. Did you pose for it? No, I didn’t.

OK, so this is a wax figure of you. Whoa. Isn’t that amazing? I was wondering if you actually– How can I be there and here at the same time. Isn’t that good? That is spectacular. And the reason I bring it up is someone pointed this out to me in the meeting this morning. And I was, like, that’s his wax figure? This is mine. [HYSTERICAL LAUGHING] What the hell. What the hell? I mean it’s like I’m Florence Henderson or something. You– it looks like a Thursday night dance party at Arby’s. Yeah. I mean, I don’t even understand how that is OK. I mean– Wow. Someone– It’s like slander. It’s visual slander. I should sue them. It’s–I should sue then. I should sue whoever did that. It’s– I wouldn’t– Oh my God. I’m gonna buy that. Yeah, yeah. I’m gonna buy that. OK, fine. You buy it..

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